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IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday: Featuring Artificial Intelligence

8 February 2022 | 12 P.M. ET

If you have ever tried to order a pizza through Alexa, asked Siri to change the song, or looked through your social media feed; then you have already used artificial intelligence! Dr. Babak Enayati will discuss his work in artificial intelligence during this free virtual event with IEEE TryEngineering and IEEE Power & Energy Society.

IEEE TryEngineering Tuesday: Featuring Coding

1 March 2022 | 12 P.M. ET

There’s no doubt about it, coding is cool. Everyone from rock stars to NBA players are learning to code. We all know Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg understood the importance of learning to code at an early age.

Join the IEEE Computer Society and TryEngineering for this live discussion with Sebastian Echeverria, a Senior Engineer at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, who will speak about what it’s like to work as a software engineer.