Buddy Morning is a great opportunity for both community supporters and students. Twice a year, community partners, donors, supporters and volunteers spend one-on-one time with a student and experience what makes our school so special. These buddies participate in a learning activity together and are given a tour of the school by their student buddy!

City Academy hosted the 21st Bi-Annual Buddy Morning on October 6, 2016, which attracted 111 individuals form the community. Each attendee was paired with a scholar and had the opportunity to build a relationship through educational activities. Buddies participated in great activities including playing drums in music, building a robot in science, and creating leaf rubbings in art!

Optimist Club member, Andy Hudson, creating a leaf rubbing with his fourth grade buddy

Buddy Morning attendees are both individual supporters and community partners of City Academy. Many attend because they are able to see first-hand the exceptional education and community transformation that is taking place at City Academy. In fact, many individuals attend so often that they are called Super Buddies! These Super Buddies have attended at least five Buddy Mornings, and many are paired with the same student buddy each time.

One Super Buddy is Paul Dribin, member of the Optimist Club of St. Louis. Paul has attended ten Buddy Mornings and plans on returning to the event each semester! “Buddy Morning is one of the happiest days of the year for me,” says Paul. “I enjoy spending time with my buddy and seeing what the students are learning in the classroom. City Academy is one of the organizations in our city which is truly making a difference.”

 11.6_paulPaul Dribin (far left) with student buddy

Paul’s fifth grade buddy agrees. “I love Buddy Morning!” says the student. “I get to do an activity with my buddy and show him around this school. My favorite thing about Buddy Morning this year was introducing my buddy to my brother and sister who also go to City Academy. I had so much fun!”

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