To the City Academy Community:

The City Academy academic community is transformative, vibrant, and evolving – it supports the growth of both students and their families during an integral time in their lives. The adjectives used to describe our school make it a desired place for families to entrust their most precious treasure, their children. City Academy families and students are like threads that create an ornate tapestry. Tapestries are beautiful because they have two sides, one that is meant to display the excellence of the artisan and the other that shows the toil of the artisan. The artisans that power the loom at City Academy are our wonderful team of dedicated educators and administrators who work to create the academic opportunities that benefit our students.

As I start my time at City Academy, I reflect on our school’s past. Our school has experienced good fortune with outstanding leaders that love our school and live its mission. Maintaining bold expectations for students is at the core of our school’s work but is only possible because our community is anchored in authenticity and trust. As I walked the halls at City Academy during my interview and subsequent visits, I felt the trust that families have for the school and experienced that everyone is expected to be their authentic self each day. The chance to be a part of students’ academic story is a gift that parents and guardians bestow to educators because they trust that our school will continue to live its mission and provide an experience that is transformational for each child.

The opportunity to be a leader at City Academy is an honor of a lifetime, because my story parallels our students’ stories. I grew up not far from our campus and was supported by family – my mother and grandmother – who wanted me to experience the transformative power of education. That experience drives me every day of my life to do the same for others with every ounce of my being. This is why the opportunity to lead at our school is such a tremendous gift. The work ahead is ours to complete. Let’s commit to communicating and trusting one another to create the best opportunities for our students.


Jarrett Young, Head of School

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One comment on “A Message from Jarrett Young, New Head of School”

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    Kelly Robinson on September 21, 2022

    Well said Mr. Jarrett Young

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