Good afternoon, my name is Alara Stewart. City Academy has been incredible to me. As you all know, City Academy is a place of learning. Teachers push you to your limit and dare you to perform below that. They hound you, and hound you and make you discover your talents beyond your own imagination. What may not seem reasonable in the moment, will help you later.

City Academy is much more than an institution for learning. City Academy has been more like my family. I’ve created strong bonds with administrators, faculty, my peers and even our maintenance man, Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill knows everything and everybody.

I have had the pleasure of making so many memories at City. Some good and some not so good, but everyday I have tried to make the best of it. My first day of school at City Academy proved that the years following would be some of the best days of my life. My first day was unlike anyone else’s first day. My first day encompassed a field trip to Litzenger. I played in a creek, made new friends and took a long nap; although that was the only day of napping because who could possibly sleep when among so many great people, and friends and teachers?

City has been good to me. I have some not so good times, but those times made for great memories. I remember struggling as a learner. Not that I wasn’t smart, but for some reason I could never keep my materials together and sometimes, I’d lose focus, but with great teachers, great friends and support of administration, I was able to overcome those obstacles. Thank you City Academy and thank you mom and dad for helping me when I had to stay up late to do homework and for all the love and support. City Academy has been good to me and I am hopeful to have a similar experience at my next school.

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