Our sixth grade scholars had a sweet introduction to STEAM this year! Students designed and created their own solar oven, and got to test them out by making s’mores.

Working in small groups, scholars started with one box and one piece of black paper, sheets of aluminum foil and plastic bags. They worked together to create designs utilizing their best ideas to attract sunlight. The students were able to request additional materials as they developed their designs.

Teams also discussed different positions of the sun and the best angles and positions to place their ovens. During the cooking process, they kept track of the time it took to heat the marshmallows and melt the chocolate, and made adjustments to speed up the process.

The solar ovens were a light-hearted way to practice problem solving, measurement, angles, time tracking, and even art skills. The project was a favorite for the class, and the end results were definitely enjoyed by all!

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