3rd Grade Humanities Teacher

“The dynamic and passion found at City Academy is unlike any other. The way the teachers, faculty and families come together as a community makes this job the most rewarding of all.”

Erin joined the City Academy family in 2015 as a student teacher. While working to complete a degree in Elementary Education with University of Missouri, St. Louis, Erin found herself substituting, volunteering, and leading extra-curricular activities in a variety of schools. Coming from a family of educators, she knows the importance of quality education and believes all children should have access to resources and a supportive community where they feel confident to take risks and face new challenges in order to grow. To Erin, being an educator is so much more than teaching, she was thrilled to find a school with a mission that matched her desire to be a transformative member of a community.

Erin began her journey at City Academy as the Social Studies Specialist, as she worked to create a 2nd-6th grade Social Studies Curriculum. For the last six years, she has taken on a new classroom role as the Third Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. Erin enjoys introducing families and students to “Upper School” and shares that her favorite thing about teaching third grade is assisting her students in navigating their first research project- The Wax Museum!

Erin enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids in her free time. They love to read books, cook new recipes, ride bikes, go on hikes, travel and get outdoors as often as possible!