Director of Alumni Services & Community Partnerships

“I continue to be inspired and energized by our alumni. They are truly amazing individuals that are making an impact in all spaces of their lives. My time with them allows me to know there will be a brighter future ahead.”

Jen Glassmeyer has an M.Ed. in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has a background in program development, school, and mental health counseling. Jen also works as a Crisis Counselor in Madison County, Illinois. She has experience working in a community mental health setting, along with schools in St. Louis City & Illinois. Jen attributes much of her ability to be flexible and think on her feet to her years of working in the service industry.

Jen has a son that graduated from City Academy in 2017 and was so honored to be given the opportunity to work in an educational environment that is unlike any other in St. Louis. It was like she was coming home, as so much time has been spent here over the years. In her free time, Jen enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.