3rd-6th Grade Music Teacher

“Every day at City academy is a chance to see the future. Through creating music and the art of storytelling, I wish to introduce our students to a world of possibilities. I am honored to get the opportunity each week to teach the next generation of leaders in our city.”

Laren started his teaching career as a private teacher and freelance musician in both New York and St. Louis. Students take group music lessons from Mr. Loveless twice a week. Previously, Laren was the Fine Arts Instructors of Kitebridge, an International boarding school in Saint Louis, and is a local community producer with the Nine Network.

Laren’s love for performing arts can be seen in his passion for theater, performance art, and original music created by his students. In Laren’s spare time, he enjoys grooving to classic soul music, playing piano, and performing monthly throughout the St. Louis community. His love for music is also seen in his love for family. Laren had his first child, Lennon, in the spring of 2018. Laren, his wife, Aimee and Lennon love exploring outdoors and finding a new adventure daily.

M.A., New York University
B.A., New York University